SmartSense Presence is not recognized

I had the SmartSense Presence working before. I had a new modem installed. I had problems with the SmartPower outlet but I reinstalled the app and it worked fine. Now I’m having a problem with the SmartSense Presence. I uninstalled the app and now it doesn’t even recognize the SmartSense Presence device. Any clues to what may be the problem.

Seems that thee are allot of people with allot of issues with the tags. Not good if you’re using them to control locks and security functions.

You might try resetting and repairing the tags. First, remove the tags from your paired devices in SmartThings. Then if you take the tags apart there should be a little button inside. Press and hold this button for about 8 seconds. There should be a little LED that lights up for 5-6 seconds then goes out. Next, press and release the button… don’t hold it this time. Again the light should go on for 5-6 seconds, then turn off. The Tag is now reset. Go through the normal pairing process in SmartThings.