Smartsense multisensor 3321-S always closed

Just replaced batteries, and now it shows “closed” all the time.
No way to reset, without delete and join?
Repair/replace would be great.

That shouldn’t be happening after a simple battery replacement. If it’s still happening now, it’s simple to get it to rejoin without deleting it.

For the original SmartSense MultiSensor, look here for reset instructions:

Strange, its the 2015 modell.
Did a reset from instructions, it still shows “closed” all the time, and no magnet it near it.
Might be a support case to look at it.
tmp, and movement works fine.

Yeah, that’s odd. You could try one other thing, and that’s to see if their other device handler (DTH) will work.

When changing DTH’s, it causes the device to go through a config cycle. There are 2 DTH’s ST has for these devices:

SmartSense Multi - this does not have Health Check, but everything else should work.

SmartSense Multi Sensor - this does have Health Check and is the most current release, and my be the one you’re using.

Depending on the one you’re using, switch to the other and see if open/closed status changes. If it does, then you can try going back to the one you were using, or stay with the one that works.