SmartSense Multi Seismograph

I have seen that in the documentation, and I am ok with this as it is industry wide. My concern would be them selling data that directly points to me as the creator of that data. That is not the case here currently. But, at some point I am sure things will be forced into that direction due to the land grab going for BIG DATA (as was brought up earlier)

Very interesting discussion. Been watching a little while. I think as long as no one can tell where the data came from when STs releases it what does it matter?

We know in this case the data came from 70 mile radius of the earthquake.

Next time, they could show how many houses are empty during what hours…

The data, even if aggregated, still can be used in very bad ways…

This is just a cautionary warning about aggregated data is not a guarantee of anonymity.

Exactly! The idea behind data mining is that one can combine and correlate data sets from multiple sources to search for specific patterns. Even “anonymized” smart home data can provide a wealth of information about people’s schedules, energy consumption and even (indirectly) income level. For example, anyone who owns Hue or Sonos is unlikely to fall into low income category. :smile: