SmartSense Multi cover does not snap on

I bought a couple of new SmartSense multi sensors. These are a new design, somewhat different from the ones that I installed maybe a year ago.

They come out of the box with the cover removed. The cover I am speaking of is the front shroud, not the back removable wall plate.

I have two of these, and they both display the same problem: the cover will not snap on.

First, the cover needs to be aligned in a specific orientation so that you will properly install the magnet sensor. If I try to put the cover on with the line in the proper orientation, it just doesn’t fit period. You can push down and there is obviously some plastic inside blocking it.

Okay, possibly the little piece of paper inside is pointing in the wrong direction? If I flip the cover around it does kind of fall into place but it doesn’t lock.

Anyone else have a similar experience with the new sensors? It seems kind of odd that with a second (or maybe later) generation device these little things would not be taken care of.

So there is no external obvious way to tell which side has the magnetic sensor. However, I did experiment with moving the magnet back and forth, and it became obvious that the sticker was improperly applied. It is pointing the wrong direction.

Verified when I opened my second sensor and saw the sticker pointing in the other direction.

Well, like I said, surprising to see a second generation product not paying attention to details. How to apply the sticker in your manufacturing process would be one big one - done incorrectly it leads to consumer dissatisfaction, frustration, and returns.

It is also worth noting that the installation process is still perilous for non-savvy consumers. If I try to get help in the mobile app, the video showing how to connect the sensor shows the previous generation hardware…

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