SmartSense Motion Sensor Plug

I want to use the range extender function of the Motion Sensor, where can I purchase a compatible plug?

I think it is just microusb

Correct, i use and old Android phone charger.

I tried a generic cell adapter with microUSB, however I wasn’t able to tell it was on AC, still showed battery % (not sure if this changes when connected to AC).

It should read 100% battery when plugged in. At least mine did. I really like monoprice’s white micro usb cables. You dont see them as much with a white wall behind them.

I just use a cheap cellphone charger with 0.5A output. It has to be microusb (99% of them are). When powered, your motion sensor should generate the approprite event (something like ‘powered’, go in the in the event list in the ide)