SmartSense Moisture Sensor battery usage

I added a SmartSense Moisture Sensor to my network this week (on Monday, the configuration event is time stamped 2015-09-28 4:59:19.788 PM EDT), and the battery started reporting 88% on Wednesday (2015-09-30 7:24:53.469 AM EDT). No problem, I thought, it’s probably just reporting a range of 88-99% and can’t give any more accuracy than that. But then, it started reporting 77% on on Saturday (2015-10-03 1:20:30.851 AM EDT). At this rate, I’ll need to replace the battery roughly monthly. Is this normal usage or should I exchange the sensor for a replacement? If this is normal, can anyone recommend a moisture sensor with better battery life? Thanks.

Had mine at least for a year now. Battery reporting 77%. Been sitting at that number for as long as I can remember.

If it continues to drop I might be concerned but you might find it will fluctuate between 88 and 77

That’s reassuring to hear, thanks cdikland. I’ll give it at least another week, and if it continues to drop, I’ll exchange it.

I am having the same problem with mine

Same situation - 4 sensors. System and sensors only 2 weeks old.

Keep in mind that the battery sensing is based off of the battery voltage level. The voltage of the battery can vary on things such as temperature dramatically, without significantly affecting the actual battery life. If it’s fairly cold, it’ll lower the voltage of the battery.

is it just me or has since 16.009 all my water sensors (12) are reporting different voltages! Motion sensors too, i’m seeing flags next to these devices when voltages get really low - now that’s the smarts i was looking for.