SmartSense Moisture and Water

I’ve read that the new (and old) SmartSense moisture sensor is not waterproof.

I was thinking about buying one to help me find a leak, but if they’re not waterproof, will they be damaged the first time they are sitting in a pool of water?

I also read somewhere that they wake themselves up every ~4 hours, which doesn’t seem frequent enough to help me catch this very finicky leak. Is that number accurate?

I’d love a bit more insight as to how exactly these sensors work so I can get a better understanding of whether or not I’d want to buy it to help catch this leak.

The new SmartSense Moisture sensor reports in every 10 minutes. The older (FortrezZ) device wakes up every 4 hours - but that’s when it’s dry. Both devices wake up the moment they detect moisture.

It’ll absolutely report in before any water damages it.

So, one report and it’s done? Wow, disposable devices come to HA quicker than anticipated

I’m not sure I follow.

Exposure to water will not damage the device or cause it to stop working. Prolonged exposure (hours under water?) might be a different story.

I reported this in another thread, but I submerged our new Moisture sensor under water for 1 minute. It immediately reported moisture (seriously this device is fast), then upon being removed immediately reported a “dry” status.

@Tyler so they can deal with water for a time. Most of the time, when something happens you will not be at your home, but rather far away from it (OF COURSE). Anyone know how long it will last in water? Just interested… It is still a great sensor and a great price for that peace of mind of knowing that you water tank is not leaking or that you have water coming through the roof.

The instructions that come with the FortrezZ recommend applying some simple silicon sealant into the cover’s screw holes, over the tightened screws, before placing it into position for use. With that done, the device looked water resistant enough to me.

In my case, the cost of the potential damage avoided by having the device alert far outweighs the cost of replacing the device if it does end up submerged in water for hours or days.

Agreed. As I thought about it, I know how much a leak cost me recently when I had a plumbing failure on the second floor. Was not pretty.