Smartscreens app not working

I’m using @dudz40 's app (found somewhere here: to control my Somfy blinds via Domoticz and an RFXCom adapter.

He has stopped supporting smartthings and has also disappeared. So I need someone to lend me a hand here…

My shades aren’t lowering or raising automatically like they did last summer… and I’m off the “offpeak season”…

I see that the Stop / Open / Close commands are sent from the Smartscreens app but nothing happens in the real world… what could it be?

Ideas? workarounds? I’m in europe and I’m using the RTS version of the shades… I don’t have nor planning to get Tahoma in the short term…

Thanks guys!

Currently on holidays, will take a look when back.

met vriendelijke groeten,



Nice to hear from you mate! :slight_smile: Enjoy your holidays!