SmartRules beta testers

My rules didn’t migrate to the new version. How do I get them back??

Hi Paul. Sorry to hear this. SmartRules is running in the SmartThings cloud, just like the other SmartApps, so it’s possible that it could suffer from issues in the ST cloud, but I’m not aware of any problems right now. Could you try testing your rule with the live logging ( ) running then email me the output (brice at obycode . com). We’ll figure out what’s going on.

Hi Brian. I’ll follow up with your email.

Also purchased the app but having trouble getting anything to happen at the moment.

When creating a rule I don’t see any devices listed, should I?

It would be useful to see some video tutorials to check if I’m doing things properly. Are there any available?

Looks very promising - once I work out what I’m doing.

We’ve got a simple rule demo on YouTube:

Adding some more demos is on the todo list.

If you’re not seeing any devices, did you definitely authorize devices during the login process? You can log out and back in from the settings menu of you need to reauthorize additional devices.

Great that it’s available - Purchased.

I set up a timed rule to turn a (Hue) light off and then on again in an attempt to get blink functionality. No delay between the actions. It turned the light off but didn’t turn it back on .:confused: Ideally I would use two successive toggles but that was the next step.

Also when I look at the rule in “then do this” I see the actions that I have created but it doesn’t tell me what each is doing - it just lists the device name on which it is performing some unshown action . Maybe it’s colour coded or something ? Even if you click on the rule it just gives you the available actions again still not showing you what it’s currently set to … strange and not too helpful if you have a long list of sequential actions.


Ah! Got it, thanks.

When authorising, I didn’t realise they were checkboxes next to the device names. Just thought they were device icons!!!

That’s not likely to work from any SmartApp. Because of the mesh network, its possible that the second command could get there before the first command, or if they get there very close together, the device may ignore one. Problems like this are inherent in the mesh network design of these protocols.

That’s strange, you should see both the “thing” and the action, like this:

This will be improved in v2.0. You’ll be able to see all of the selected options and edit them.

I’ll try a couple of sequential toggles then… Unless you have any better suggestions on how to blink a Hue light ?

Re the actions display for on/off. I only have a small box with ellipses in before the device name. It seems that my needlessly long device name at 29 characters is causing this to have insufficient space to display. It might be better if the first block was fixed in width to always be able to display the on/off with truncation of the second name field. It was just unfortunate my first device had such a long name, I’ll shorten it.

This is one of the terrible user interface issues that we’re fixing with v2.0. No more shrinking text, instead we’ll expand to multiple lines as needed.

The app was working fine for me until I wanted to add a new device. I logged out of the app, then when I log back in, enter my login details, select my devices and hit the “Authorize” button, nothing happens, just a spinning icon in the middle of the screen. I deleted the app and installed it again, but I still have the same problem…

Is this available for android? Cannot find it anywhere.


There was an unannounced change yesterday in SmartThings authorization procedure that broke a bunch of third party integrations:

They should be rolling it back today. We are also submitting a workaround in an update to Apple.

Not yet. We haven’t had the resources to do it, but the requests for it are reaching a fever pitch, so we’re figuring out how to make time for it.