SmartRules 2.0

Fantastic, thanks. Excited to dig into this app.

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Really glad I found this app. I was struggling sometimes with RM, and really prefer this method of simple rules for me. I really really really hope though it didn’t disappear like some apps do.

I’m still getting in to all ST stuff and thinking up what I can do, it would be great if SR users in here (or a separate post), could screen shot their rules for ideas. I know it all depends on what ST “things” each had, but sometimes could be substituted or tweaked. It’s more the ideas that could be shared would be great.

I can start a new post to keep it clear off this more “support” thread?



I think that’s a great idea, was thinking of something similar. It’s always good to see other peoples take on things and implementations

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I agree, this is a great idea. We’ve actually been planning on setting something up on our site for sharing rules. Eventually, we’d like to add a way to export a rule as a “template” that could be imported by others and filled in with their devices. The template would remove your specific devices, but save the capability (ex. switch) and allow those to be filled in when imported.


Shall I start a new thread then or just use this one? Glad people agree, with ST what I’m finding is that it’s the doing sometimes, it’s rd thinking of ideas if manipulating the “things” we have.

One solution to the custom commands is a helper app which would bind custom commands to a virtual switch. The switch can then be used directly by SmartRules. Basically, it would be a small subset of Rule Machine preferences. Choose switch to bind to, choose capability, choose device, choose custom command, add params. Also needs a way of deleting these.

I don’t have the time (it would take some more learning on my part) to put such app together. I will, however, make a helper app for one of the devices I created. Cooper Aspire dimmer has “Protection Mode” (aka child lock), to disable the physical switch. I had included custom commands in the DH to turn the protection mode on/off. These are currently accessible by the end user only through Rule Machine. By binding the protection on/off commands to a virtual switch, the helper app will make them accessible through Smart Rules (and through other means).

Put together an app to bind the custom commands in my DH to a virtual switch. Now can use the custom commands with Smart Rules

Also, made another tiny app (not posted) to bind setLevel(0,120) to a virtual momentary button, so that I can have Smart Rules initiate a 2-minute dim to off.

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That alone will put this app into the stratosphere of usability and customer service (self help)!!!


Sure, I think that deserves a thread of its own.


Can we list suggestions on this thread? Would love to send custom messages/sounds to my connected speakers, similar to the sonos smartapp.

Sure, I love to hear your suggestions!

You can do custom messages now if you authorize your device in the “speech synthesis” category. For some reason, the default Sonos device handler does not declare this capability, even though it has a method to do so. A while back, I forked the published version and added the speech synthesis capability. That can be found here - smartthings-smartapps/Sonos.groovy at master · obycode/smartthings-smartapps · GitHub. The current version is no longer public, so I’m not sure what else has changed.

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Ok I’ll make one now…

Please post suggestions and screenshots on rules made in here

Ah okay. I have a sonos player and I am only seeing it under music player. So to use it for speech synthesis I have to install and connect my sonos with your modified copy, correct?

Yeah, unfortunately, that’s the case.

Any update on how I get it working without having to buy it again?

@slagle - Tim, why is this the case with Sonos? I feel like Sonos has languished a bit, causing other apps like SmartRules to not be able to do things they should be able to do.

Just bought unlimited rules on the Canadian App Store. Came out to $13.99. Well worth it.

@obycode Hi Brice, if I want a negative Celsius value from a sensor as a trigger do I just paste a negative symbol in before the number?


Thanks Mo. Actually, we haven’t tried that, but I believe it should work. We’ll add the ability to enter a negative into the next version. Thanks for the input!

You Canadians are a tough bunch… :snowflake::evergreen_tree::maple_leaf::evergreen_tree::snowflake:


One of my rules didn’t trigger last night for some reason and so I was stuck in a mode that doesn’t arm SHM and monitor other things.

It’s a basic rule to see if everything isn’t moving/closed then run “good night” routine.

Is there anything I can check or do as this is an important rule that I need running.


Can we have a rule run only on certain days?
Also, do you know if the time update went through yet?