SmartPower Outlet Status False Readings


I recently acquired a SmartPower Outlet and it easily paired with my hub and has flawlessly turned devices on/off. However, it almost always indicates a device is off when it is actually on. When powering a device, it does provide a reasonable value for power consumption, but still indicates the device is off. This holds true on a low drawing device (e.g. fish tank LED light at 4W) or a high drawing device (e.g. Lit Christmas tree at 240W). Refresh has no effect.

Is this a known issue with this device and/or associated device type, or did I get a dud?

I should add, I have a number of Z-Wave light switches that have always provided correct status.

Might be worth reaching out to support as there may be a firmware update they can do on the hub, outlet, or both.

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