Smartphones as Presence Sensor, VPN problem

(Darrell) #1

I’m trying to set up kids’ phones as presence sensors but the child monitoring software we use, Qustodio, prevents even logging into the system. (Disabling the monitoring software allowed connection.)

Does anyone know how to help these two play well together?

(Mark) #2

Does the app give you some info on what’s being blocked? Like a call to a website, so you could then whitelist it? Or something like that.

Also I’m by no means an expert, but this doesn’t sound like a VPN.

(Mavrrick) #3

Yea. Deffinatley not VPN anything related. You need to really reach out to support for that software and ask them how to white list SmartThings.

(Darrell) #4

On Smartthings, I either get a white screen or a message that an “error occurred.” If I disable the momitoring app, Smartthings works perfectly.

Yes, VPN doesn’t seem like the problem. Whitelist check is a great idea. I’ll look at that.

(Mark) #5

What i mean is, this service doesn’t sound like it’s a VPN at all. More like a software firewall that blocks or allows access to certain domains.

If it’s not easy to figure out on your own with whitelist rules, then I agree with @Mavrrick58 that you’ll need more info from support at this company, and maybe ST support too, in order to figure out how to whitelist what’s being blocked.

It’s probably worth pointing out that installing the ST app on your kids’ phones has some potentially huge downsides, since ST does not allow for any configuration of user permissions.

Basically you’ll have to accept the possibility that your kids could wipe out your entire ST setup if you install the mobile app on their phones. Yes that would be an extreme case, but they could end up messing something up in any number of ways, either inadvertently or intentionally.

If your goal is to use their phones as mobile presence sensors, consider installing the Life360 app on their phones. There’s an integration with ST so that the phones can still be used as presence sensors within ST, no need to have the ST mobile app installed on their phones.

(Darrell) #6

In the monitoring app, I allowed Samsung site and everything works perfectly. I didn’t expect it to be blocked.

(Darrell) #7

Whitelisting it myself fixed the problem. Thanks!

(Mavrrick) #8

Keeping with Marktheknife said there is allot of power given by allowing them to have access to the smart things app. You may want to look at simply using something like action tiles where you can get much more granular control over what they have access to. It would also be easier to maintain security for since it is essentially just a browser app at that point

(Mark) #9

Actiontiles is a great option for giving someone control of a limited number of devices. But it can’t be used for mobile presence.

(Jimmy) #10

Glad you got fixed. If you don’t want them to actually have access to controlling stuff, look into Life360 and it’s integration.