Smartlocks and Deadbolt Trim Ring

Having just purchased a new home I showed up excitedly with a handful of smartlocks to swap them out. Lo and behold I found a compatibility issue with every door in the house.

The front door has a decorative deadbolt mount so I could not use a keypad. Ill just use a non-keypad one.

Garage entry door doesnt have a deadbolt and isn’t fire rated but that is another story.

Backdoor has a Deadbolt Trim Ring installed. This appears to be the only issue I cannot overcome. Does any one have any experience with this?

If you replace the lock will you not take the trim ring off? Not really familiar with a trim ring but it looks to me like it’s just a decorative thing.

Will one of the August locks work? They just mount over the existing deadbolt, maybe a picture would help explain what the issue is.

I used schlage deadbolt locks on my old house and had no issues at all with them working. They should work with any door. You might have to open up the hole a bit maybe. I had to open up the hole on my garage door, it had a normal keyed entry door knob that I guess had a smaller diameter to the whole assembly so I used a large drill bit and slowly wobbled out the hole until it would finally slide into the door. Don’t be afraid to open the holes up! Either of them! For the deadbolt that slides back and forth or the whole assembly that goes thru the door.
You can do the same with a drill and a straight router bit. I didn’t have my router bits at my new house yet but I did have a drill so I just used the drill to eat out the hole just use a good size bit cause your pushing down on the side of Thebes’s drill into the hole and small drills will flex and snap like a toothpick!
It’s way more simple than it sounds trust me! Just depends what tools you have available! It can Be done some with some super ruff sandpaper and your fingers as well just takes a lot longer. :slight_smile:
I’ve also gotta open up the holes on all my interior doors so I can upgrade the door knobs to some nicer aged bronze handles I got. But hey I guess in the 50s they used a little different size knobs.

And worst case for you is just buy new doors.who doesn’t like a nice new door!
I love my keypad smart deadbolt locks! I even left home this morning without my keys. Lol warmed up my truck with the spare key and forgotten it when I left