Smartlightting: Set level/color per device?

New ST user here - have been using Harmony Hub for a year or so, but I’m now migrating the automation/lighting in our house to ST as I think each action takes up too much space on the Harmony Remote - anyway:

One thing I’m sorely missing in the ST app (or can’t find) is how to set the level (and color) per device when creating a Smart Lighting automation SmartApp in IOS (e.g. at 8am turn on Devices A @ 30%, B @ 40% and C @ 100%).

Is this not possible? The Harmony had that build in.


Not possible with the official smart lighting feature, but you can do it with core.

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You can do it with smart lighting, but you will need to create multiple rules.

Under Turn on & Set Color you can choose color and dim level.

Core will allow you to do it with one rule with multiple actions.


Thanks for your replies, guys. I had a feeling it was a choice between Core and doing it per-light-per-action - either of which solutions are somewhat cumbersome for something that isn’t complicated. Pity it can’t be done out of the box. I might end up leaving some of the lights in the Logitech instead then.

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