SmartLights new feature: Luminance trigger

I’m not sure if this was because of the mobile app update or the platform update, but it looks like luminance can now be used as a trigger for a smart lights automation. :sunglasses: :bulb:

Old options:

New options:



Sure can!:wink: We’ve been testing internally and decided to turn it loose:)


Not finding it… :frowning:
Must be an IOS thing…

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No lux for us Androids but at least the annoying unsupported multi triggers select is gone and we have locks now. Nice work guys!

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Cool. Now, could you add illuminance as a condition, not just as a trigger?

E.g. I have SmartLights set up to turn on my lounge lamp when my front door opens, but only between certain hours. What I’d really like is to have it turn on the lamp when I open the door and it is too dark inside (but not turn on when I already have other lights on inside).

I could achieve this if illuminance was added in the “More options” section alongside “Only during certain time”, “Only on certain days”, etc. - in this case “Only when darker than” (and, presumably, for other use cases - “Only when lighter than” - e.g. for turning lights off automatically)


Hopefully that’s because the Android app crashes so freakin much that their development team is sooooo focused fixing a massive problem that’s been around since day 1 of app 2.x launch that they have no time to add more useful features until they have a useful app?

I donno know, just my 2 frustrated cents…


Mine as well…, however it’s a smart app, I didn’t know you could target to a specific OS…

I think is a marketing trick to get you to buy the Note 5 (just kidding). It is certainly not that annoying if you have enough memory on your phone. Hopefully the memory leak that @slagle was talking about a few weeks ago gets released soon.

Yes there’s still memory leaks or over allocations or whatever.
But in all my years in IT/CS I’ve never seen a memory leak cause an instantaneous crash.

ST should come with the following disclaimer:
Works best with IOS…

That exactly… Proper testing, pilots, user acceptance testing with release candidates, etc. should weed crap like this out. Oh wait, their entire customer base is doing user acceptance testing right now, how silly of me… The real production app must be coming soon. Thank goodness for us testers.

@SBDOBRESCU, I’m at 32gig. I shouldn’t need more memory than my engineering laptop running Windows to run an app.


How much RAM? I have 4 gb and is still not enough, my app goes unresponsive fairly often, but is not unbearable as it is on my wife’s 1gb phone. I am not an expert, but if some models report better performance regardless of the OS version, I am thinking that hiting max memory causes the app to crash.

My phone has more that enough resources to run anything I’ve thrown at it, but yes I’m including internal memory. The ST app is by far the worse one I currently have installed. I the excuse we’ve been given is that Android v5.0.1 has a memory leak issue, but I also have a device on v4.4.2 that does exactly the same thing. You’d think that any memory leak issue would have been taken care of between major releases of the Android OS.

Anyway, sorry for hijacking this thread…

It is totally ST’s issue here not an Android OS. They require a heck of a lot resources than any app I’ve ever installed. If it wasn’t for ST, the app would have been uninstalled five minutes after playing with it once.

And yes, I am sorry too, we shouldn’t have hijacked this thread, can someone please split these into Android Mobile app thread?


This is the sort of thing that belongs in release notes.


I was wondering the same thing, unless they want to introduce it slowly in case they have issues with it…I would understand that.

Well, that and the fact its not seeming to work with Android yet…why is this released if its not working for Android?

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Oversight… :frowning:

Just pushed a fix for this to our repo. Unfortunately it will take one firmware release cycle to reach you guys.

Sorry about that

Awesome QA forgot to test it on Android?

When is that set to come out?

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I second this!!! It is exactly what I’d need.