SmartLighting - how to cancel "only between these times"?

I have a complicated rule that I wanted to temporarily disable - disable isn’t an option on SmartLighting for some reason. I didn’t want to delete as it’s complicated to set up again. So I restricted to “Only between these times” of about a minute. Now I want to re-enable it by losing the “only between these times” rule. Please don’t tell me I have to delete it and start over after all that!

I just did a test and could get it to remove the time restriction after first, changing it to sunrise/sunset, then saving, going back in to edit, changing it back to specific time, and then hitting cancel. For future use, at least until IDE is gone, you can pause specific smart lighting automations there.

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How far do I go with setting specific time before hitting cancel. I must be doing it wrong cos it just stays at sunset/sunrise if I cancel setting specific time after that

When the box came up to actually select a time with the clock dial, I hit cancel. This is on Android 10.

Doesn’t work that way for me. It “remembers” what time I had it set to before switching over to sunset/sunrise and has that show in the clock dial as soon as it comes up, meaning that cancel leaves it Specific Time and that previous time. Android 10 with new app

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Did you try toggling the time then hitting okay, then editing again and hitting cancel?

I tried changing the time, then hitting cancel. It just leaves it at the time it was set to before. Basically it doesn’t actually clear anything

Trying clicking just to the right of the drop down


Sorted! Thanks. I was going for the dropdown each time