Smartlife -> IFTTT integration to end on May 26, 2020

Very interesting notification received today. Luckily its just a few devices for me with no way to link to SmartThings. Have to now find a way to link my ceiling fans to ST

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Yikes! That’s going to affect a lot of people. Although I know it hasn’t been working very well lately. :disappointed_relieved:

If your devices work with Alexa, you may be able to use their app as a “man in the middle.“ but it’s typically only a one-way integration. So usually OK for pocketsockets, but not usually good for light switches since if the switch is changed at the wall, smartthings won’t know about the new state.

@JDRoberts can you link to an article to do the man in the middle set up? I will try working on it from now.

You can use this method:

FAQ: Can I trigger an Echo Action without Speaking to It?

Interesting. Maybe they are dropping IFTTT for SmartThings? :crossed_fingers:

That would be cool, but it seems unlikely, since they are one of the few truly global brands and smartthings is not in a lot of the countries where they operate, including China.

My guess would be more that they think Amazon Alexa or Google assistant routines will offer enough for most of their customers.

I suspect over the next year quite a few companies are going to say “why are we paying Ifttt for every transaction when Amazon will do it for free and handle the customer support as well?”

It’s not quite the same because of not being able to use switches as triggers. That’s something that Amazon will eventually have to address with the device manufacturers. But I think this is going to be a trend.


Do your fans use a 315 MHz RF remote?

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This is the controller that I am using with it. They say the remote is Control Method RF 433Mhz Remote.

That rules out the Bond RF hub then. If you haven’t already, search for Sonoff RF bridge and Broadlink RM Pro. I use a Sonoff bridge for a bunch 433MHz sensors I have but I flashed it with Tasmota software and use MQTT to communicate with my Hubitat hub instead of my SmartThings hub. There are probably other ways to do that. I don’t own the Broadlink but it might be simpler than the Sonoff.

My 4 fans are in the 315MHz range so I use the Bond Hub.

Bond works in the 300-928MHz range, I believe it may work with the 433Mhz Universal remote control.
Sonoff RF Bridge (433Mhz) and Broadlink RM Pro may work with it too.

Bond can integrate with ST. Sonoff RF has to flash with Tasmota to integrate with ST better. Broadlink RM Pro requires additional bridge to work with ST.

@dare2smile, have you seen this notice?

Well ain’t that super annoying. Fortunately I’m using Alexa instead of IFTTT to ST uses them, but now I’m gonna have to move my dad off of it and figure something else out. Maybe I can just hide an Alexa in the house and set it up that way… haha

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There are strange things happening with the Alexa skill as well…

Interesting that today most of my IFTTT integrations stopped working for my Tuya based light bulbs but my Tuya smart socket still works. Also noticed Google Assistant stopped working for Tuya Smart Life today. Tried to swap over to Alexa integration but seems like Alexa can’t trigger the lights like Google so both platforms must not be working. Hopefully just down a day or so and it starts working again soon. Seems easy enough to swap IFTTT for Alexa given that its the exact same principle of controlling a virtual switch. Anyway decided to buy Samsung zigbee bulbs to replace two of my lights and will probably sell off my Tuya stuff and replace with Zigbee. Very annoying.

There is now a solution to Tuya pulling support for IFTTT that will allow you to keep your Tuya stuff

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Awesome thanks for pointing this out. Will definitely give it a shot and also look into buying some Brilliant branded products especially since I’m in Australia. Good to support the locals!


@Philipp_Ebneter, would you mind to post here your solution to SmartLife and your IFTTT replacement, how to connect with SmartThings through Apilio?

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Hi @GSzabados,
sure - no problem.

Apilio has a channel on the IFTTT, platform:
So everything that is working with IFTTT can be easily used with Apilio as well - e.g. SmartThings.
When we heard that SmartLife/Tuya will pull from IFTTT we quickly analysed the impact on our users and decided to develop an alternative solution in order to allow them to continue using Apilio with SmartLife.
With this new integration, users can now switch SmartLife bulbs and smart plugs as part of the automation actions.
So if you where a SmartThings user and wanted to switch SmartLife devices with the help of Apilio, you would create an Apilio account, connect Apilio with SmartLife, setup an automation rule in Apilio and trigger that automation rule from SmartThings via an IFTTT applet.


Thanks all for this. I have 6 of these Tuya switches that I use mostly for Christmas lights but one is for a more frequently used light so I need a workaround. Definitely before Christmas comes. The Brilliant lighting option seems easy enough. Apilio seems easy too but involves a 5 stage automation ( ST to IFTTT to Apilio to Tuya to device) vs “only” 4 with brilliant ( ST to IFTTT to Brilliant to device ). Then again Apilio wouldn’t break my Alexa Tuya integration. I’m not sure which to try first. Any success stories out there yet?


I decided to do neither… the only reason I need the Tuya devices tied to ST is so it will show up on my HousePanel tablet. So I decided to bite the bullet and build Tuya support directly into HousePanel to limit the hops from touch to device. All other uses of my Tuya devices is handled fine via Alexa or the SmartLife app. Will report progress on TuyaApi integration into HousePanel in the main HP thread. Looks simple enough…