SmartLeak valve and flood sensors

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Hi Guys,

Is anyone using SmartLeak zigbee valve ? With ST
Is it reliable ?

Will it work offline ?

How about Xiaomi Aqara Water sensors they are ultra cheap, can they trigger SmartLeak valve offline without internet.


(MarkTr) #2

Because Xiaomi products do not adhere to Zigbee ZHA protocol, the sensors only work using a custom device handler which works around some of their issues, so there’s not an option for local operation at this time.

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How about Fibaro water sensors . Would they work as local… They are z wave

And I take that LeakSmart will work as local device ?, I read that Wink users are having some issues with zigbee leak smart any problems to report with smart things.

Thank you

(Jimmy) #4

The leaksmart valve runs local. The Fibaro models do not run local. Are you in the united states?

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Yes I’m in US, any chance that there are some sensors that run local, I don’t want the system to relay on internet for critical application like this.

Thank you

(Jimmy) #6

There’s lots that run local. Off the top of my head:

Zigbee: SmartThings, Centralite, Iris, FortrezZ
Z-wave: Neo Coolcam, Dome, Zooz, Aeotec

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Woow thank you and all these guys make flood/water sensors…

I wish that Fibaro water sensor was local since they have nice way for adding external probe, I was going to use water detecting cable and use loop

(Jimmy) #8

Agreed. You may be able to use the standard z-wave water sensor device handler for it and it run local, but then you lose temperature measurement. Not sure if that’s important to you or not. I’ll try it with one of mine and let you know.

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Temperature would be nice but not critical, if you could please test it, I would really appreciate.

Thank you

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I was wondering if you had chance to run it as local sensor ? Thx

(Jimmy) #11

Sorry, just got to test this last night. It kind of works. Water comes through as a water alert, but the tamper alert also comes through as a water alert. So not ideal.

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Thank you so much, that’s okay they will be in spot where tamper will not trigger, so I’m okay with it.

Thank you

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Crazy idea … Can I add sensors locally ( generic ) and using the plug-in ? Or it can be only added once ?

Thank you

(Jimmy) #14

Only once.