SmartHomeMonitor: What/where is it?

So from the Arlo it would appear that SmartHomeMonitor (SHM) is a mandatory requirement in order to record video. I’ve never used of SmartHomeMonitor before and always believed it was “just another” third party app, but seraching on the subject, it appears that this is a first party app according to this video:

However, I dont have that option in my application, so I’m wondering if this is a US only feature or how to enable it?

it would be nice if the SmartThings starter kit actually detailed some of this information, as I’d never heard or or used virtual switches until about a week ago :smiley:

Any info on SHM is most appreciated.

Smart Home Monitor is available for everyone from the Dashboard… here is information on it:

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Thanks. I watched that video but it doesn’t say how to add it to the dashboard.
My dashboard is (and always has been) blank but for the message:

“You do not have any solutions yet”

But I can’t see any way to add SHM or anything else to this screen.
Am I missing something obvious here?

Click on the cog in the top right corner.

I don’t see a cog icon and the “hamburger” takes me to the system wide menu where I create new modes and set location etc.

Contact ST support via the support site.

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So I contacted support and they confirmed that it wasnt enabled for my account. They fixed it almost immediately (ie within ten minutes of my initial email!).

I wonder how many other smartthings users dont have this so are also completely missing out on this nice feature of the platform?

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It is a basic entitlement group in Active Directory. So they added you to the proper group.

The number of users lacking Smart Home Monitor is likely very low. A year ago when we released Smart Home Monitor, some users did not automatically receive the dashboard module and Support had to manually add it but that was fairly uncommon and has not been an issue for a long time. It’s possible that your location was created last fall when this was an issue.

If anyone else is missing Smart Home Monitor though, please contact Support and we’ll sort it out!

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