clearance including Cooper Zwave (May 2017) is primarily aimed at Insteon customers, but they do still have some other protocols, including some Z wave devices. And right now they have a big clearance sale with some deeply discounted zwave classic items, including the Cooper 9542-Z. My guess is they’re making space for new Z wave plus versions, but there will still be people who want to buy the classic when they’re on sale.

Check model numbers and product descriptions very carefully – – there are often non Zwave versions that look identical but won’t be compatible with SmartThings.

Some pricing examples:

Eaton Cooper aspire Z wave 9542 $46.88 (Amazon price is typically $60-$65)

Everspring indoor siren $36.90 ( typically a few dollars more at Amazon)

Reminder: read the product descriptions very carefully. They have all kinds of protocols, including just things like mechanical timers. Most of it won’t work with SmartThings, but some will.

Also, check the prices on each individual piece. I saw a couple of things on clearance that had higher prices than the typical price on Amazon. Also, I don’t know where this site gets their list prices from, but they are way higher than the typical prices at Amazon or other specialty retailers.

Finally, pretty much everything I saw in this category is old tech. There will be newer models available, but at higher prices.

Still, there are some bargains to be had here if you search carefully. :sunglasses:

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