Smarthings ZWave Wayne Dalton Thermostat and Save mode

I recently got a SmartThings hub and have successfully hooked the Wayne Dalton Thermostat to the Hub.

I have 2 thermostats, one older and one a little newer. The older one registered itself as a switch which I then could successfully switch between Normal and Save modes. Save Energy mode is a way to have a lower setpoint which i set to 45 degrees F when I leave the cabin so the pipes don’t freeze.

Per some advise I found in the community, I then went online to and changed the type to “Z-Wave Thermostat” which successfully changed it from a Switch to a Thermostat but that does not seem to support “Save” mode. I can only switch between “Cool” “Heat” “Off” and off does not equal “Save”.

What would be ideal is to have both abilities. Thermostat and Switch. Or to add “Save” to the “Mode”.

The Wayne Dalton manual mentions “Z-Wave Thermostat General V2 Device Class”. I wonder if that supports “Save” mode?

Any thoughts on how to solve my issue?

Could you leave the device type as a thermostat, then create a scene with a heating setpoint of 45, then just run the scene whenever you need it? I have multiple scenes for the thermostat: heating, cooling, circulating on the nicer days when the windows are open, and when we’re away.

Nice! That worked. I didn’t know about the scenes. So cool.