Smarthings website

When is SAMSUNG going to have a website to control the hub? Almost every device has its own website with login to control it and even Alexa has one . It is very inconvenient to just use a cell phone to control the hub. A website along with the cell version would be great to have. Any time frame?

There are a couple of different 3rd party applications that give you a web portal to control and monitor your devices. The most popular seems to be SmartTiles which is what I use.

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Thanks @gausnes for pointing out SmartTiles.

We’re getting closer and closer (better not be further and further, right?) to ActionTiles (next generation of SmartTiles) public release. Tying up some loose ends and figuring out what the “embargo / rationing” policy should be for invites – we can’t swamp the platform with too many new users at once.

Appreciate your patience and staying tuned; website still has “Under Construction” cover page; but also has social links to help follow us:

Of course; ActionTiles only covers creation of tiled dashboard “Panels” for viewing Attributes and basic control (Commands). We have no ability to add devices, configure SmartApps, etc…

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