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Smarthings unable to find harmony hub

(Mauricio) #1

I have purchased Smarthings hub a couple of months ago as well as I have 2 Harmony hubs, one with a remote control and a second without. When I am trying to install the harmony hub, it installs the smartapp, but when is time to search for a hub, it looks for the hub for 20 minutes and it never found either of my hubs.

Can someone give me an idea of what I can do to correct this.

(Matt) #2

this is an ongoing issue that support is aware of and is working on now.

(Mauricio) #3

thank you. i hope it is resolved soon

(Matt) #4

me too I jsut got one and have the same issues

(Brian) #5

I was excited to receive my hub today but not so much now that SmartThings can’t find it.


That would make me crazy. :scream:

Make sure you report the problem to so they can let you know if there’s a workaround before the fix is released.

(Brian) #7

Thank you for the suggestion, @JDRoberts . After following the pairing instructions from SmartThings support and failing, I decided to follow the pairing instructions on the Harmony App. I found success via that route and my Echo is now pared. I’m now busy learning what I can and cannot do with the system. Finding it funny that Alexa can “open” my blinds but cannot “close” them unless I “turn off” the blinds. I suppose I’ll be up late tonight studying her capabilities!

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I really like Echo, but there are some quirks. :sunglasses:

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