Smarthings to help with doorbell and drive way sensor

I have been trying to read and soak everything in from this powerful tool. Before I purchase was hoping someone could give me some assurance that what I am wanting to do is possible. Recently built a new home. Currently have no working doorbells. Each door has a cat6 cable running to a pushbutton. The drive way sensor comes to a circuit board which has a normally open trigger. All three went into a whole house music system but long story short it didn’t work.

What I would like to do is when the driveway sensor is triggered or doorbell pushed is to play an mp3 through either a sonos speaker or an amazon alexa (or other option). Also if it is in between sun down and sun up to turn on the landscape lights and porch lights turn on for 10 minutes.

I don’t think my wife will let me go with the Aceon doorbell given its futuristic look which doesn’t match our exterior. I have a ring doorbell but I am on a slow dsl line and my upload is too slow for the camera to push vidwo to my phone. Not sure that I want to install it and have to explain to people the video portion doesn’t work…

Biggest concern I have is what type of switch to place at the end of the cat6 from my doorbell and how easy it will to get it to play the mp3 on a speaker. From my understanding the turning the lights off after 10 minutes is right up smartthings alley!!

I have played around with x10 in the past and currently have some insteon switches/outlets so this seems like the next logical step. Thanks so much for your help!!!