Smarthings Sensors + hubitat hub used with Alexa Routines?


I made the mistake of upgrading the smarthings app and skill in Amazon and now I’m no longer able to use routines in Alexa within my smarthings sensors. I have 20+ sensors and am maxed out on Alexa routines.

Would switching my zigbee/zwave to hubitat hub, then adding hubitat to Alexa grant me the functionality of routines again? I’m walking around in a dark house and the biggest issue my security automation that we’re set aren’t available anymore.

I see it has been an issue since April and I’m not sure if I missed a formal acknowledgement from smarthings as to what the issue is/ when can we expect a fix. Feels like I wasted money but even more so I’ve wasted time. Unfortunately I’m forced to look for alternative ways to get back up … but I’m not totally abandoning smarthings, I’ll still use the sensors, just need hubitat hub to get the Alexa routine functionality back.

You should ask your question in the hubitat Forums. Their Alexa skill is quite different from SmartThings’.

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Thanks I’ll look into it!