Smarthings resale activation code


I have decided to sell my UK smarthings hub so I would like to know if I resale this hub will it be useable for the subsequent owner. The smarthings came with activation code will it still work,

The new owner will usually be asked to send a photo of the bottom of the hub (with serial number and such) to and they will issue a new Activation Welcome Code.

It is probably also helpful if you include a Bill of Sale with your email address and the new owner’s information too.

That is terrible. They should not make it so difficult to resell the device.

I can return to amazon just realise I can still return before 21 of Jul. That solve my problem. Hopefully in the future smarthings can move functionality to local rather than cloud. It is totally not reliable at all. Great idea with poor execution.

Yeah I agree… First product to offer comparable features and is completely local with no cloud requirement… I’m gone from here.