SmarThings outlet did not trigger off via webcore

Very upset. So today I noticed my webcore did not trigger the piston correctly for one of my samsung outlets. This is the first time this has happened and i just happened to be home and checked on it. I am furious. The piston has been running flawless for months.

It one thing after another with these hubs. Currently my ios device cannot add any new outlets to my hub as well. This is because apple updates its permissions and such. Samsung is useless to get these things updated in a timely manner. This is a major concern for anyone with an IOS device with updates set to auto.

I have iOS and not sure what you are describing as the issue. I am not seeing any issues with iOS.

I understand your frustration. But I offer this caveat. I have been using ST and webcore for more than 2 years. I have seen lots of fluctuation in function, application, timing, outage and efficiency of both systems. I do not use either system for time-critical or mission-critical operations because of those limitations. If I have an action or a monitored situation that HAS TO HAPPEN, then I most often have a redundant method that is reliable. As these systems improve and mature, and they will, I will cautiously increase my reliance on them.

iOS 13.3.3 or whatever the new updated iOS is flawed with adding new devices. Call them and ask for yourself.