Smarthings lost control of most 'things' as of this evening *edited title

Thanks @Ron, I just found it odd because I have had this hub, almost 1 year, and that was the first time it happened. I thought it might be from a firmware upgrade but it didn’t happen.

@mcvoss I has happened to me only once too couple of days back. Check the first post in this thread…

9 hours later, I got a response to this support ticket. The response was that I should power cycle the hub. Apparently, the support person missed the part of the ticket where I stated that I already did that in order to regain connectivity, but that this is the second time in 2 days I’ve had to do it.

@Tyler - a very serious question: What’s the purpose of sending tickets to when the responses aren’t helpful? I really expected something better than “did you try to reboot?” when I cleared stated in the ticket that the problem is my HAVING to reboot every day because things stop working.

Between the time that you emailed us and the time that we responded a change was made server side that is thought to address the issues that you guys are seeing.

The suggestion to reboot was not because it was missed that you had already rebooted.

I’ll dig in a bit and see what’s going on with your ticket in particular, but again, a change was made about an hour and 15 minutes ago.

The reason we ask you to email us is so that we can make our developers aware of ANY customer problem that may speak to a larger issue. These forums are not the path we use for that - Zendesk is. Zendesk is the support portal that we use when you email Using Zendesk allows us to keep track of issues and report on specific problems and trends. If you want your issue to be investigated by our engineering team email us. If you want to talk about the issues with other customers/developers then post here.

@tyler Thanks for the update. I opened a support ticket and am working with Blake to look into my specific issue.

FYI - for the rest of the folks on the thread, between Wednesday night and Thursday evening things seemed to have resolved themselves on their own. Without any changes to my devices (same devices, locations, constant power) my outlets & link bulbs are working as normal last night (and it felt like with less latency).

I did get some unexpected notifications Thursday afternoon when I wasn’t home. It felt like there was some reset/re-evaluation of states & apps (maybe this is when the server side changes were made?). For example, both my wife & my phones were “Away” already, but I got a notification at 3:37pm PT saying the phones were away and ST was now setting the mode to away as requested. I’m wondering if that’s when things resolved themselves.

Blake did say he updated my firmware (and I can see that the hub was updated Friday morning). I went from 11.00603 -> 11.00705.

When I go home tonight I’ll finish the steps Blake suggested (reboot the hub & rebuild z-wave).

I just wanted to add my voice to the din. My GE bulbs stopped responding last week at the same time after working for weeks. Support simply told me that the bulbs aren’t officially supported - which is fine, caveat emptor, but they were working and then none were (and I never use the physical switches). I manually removed and added a few back to the hub and they’ve been fine since. But it’s a pain to have to remove all the apps from the device before removing it and then re-adding them.

Got home this evening, and again nothing at all will trigger. I can see in the activity that button presses are happening, but I can not trigger anything from the app and motion events and hello home events do not trigger. I’ve power cycled the hub twice with no results

Got this today even
“(Another) SmartThings Hub Update”

Same here guys. Phone app shows status but I can’t control anything. Just rebooted my hub and sadly that didn’t solve the issue. Seems pretty legit at this point that there is definitely something going on their side.

Most things?, how about everything. I did not receive the firmware update either. Rebooted hub, no bueno. Devices are reporting, just no control…

No firmware update here and nothing works. Again. Also, the android mobile app crashes every time I try to view the activity feed.

Not good.

I just power cycled my hub, everything now works.

Power cycled, still no-go.

Oddly, the only things that still seem to be working are my GE Link bulbs.

Same here. All devices report in, but I can’t control anything.
When I put it in “Good Night” it says it is locking doors, turning off lights etc. Nothing happens though.

pulled the plug and re-plugged it in. I’m alive again. @Tyler, I added an email to my existing support ticket from a few days ago. (82054)

As I said in that message, it’s not “home automation” if I have to physically unplug and replug it in every few days.

I just cycled power on my hub and my router again, and now everything works again.

The incident tonight ( is resolved. We’re updating the status page right now.

Still having trouble here

What’s going on? Do you have a ticket with us?

Support request #80774
Slow or no response to switches in app. Just rebooted the hub again. still having the issue, although *some control has come back instead of none. Over the past 3 hours it was none, other then a couple isolated events triggering on repeated attempts

Okay, now its flaking out again on me. Z-wave devices aren’t working properly. A zwave beaming device (door lock) is getting commands sent to it, but the hub isn’t seeing any responses.

Not good at all.