Smarthings - KASA Switch and Harmony = Failure


Been searching the web for this one and can’t find a solution .

When I connect Smarthings to my Harmony - the harmony can’t read the state of my KASA outlets - it says no connection, or unable to retrieve state - in the devices section you can toggle it and it works despite it saying it can’t read the state - that would be OK except within “Activities” unless it can read the state of the switch, you are prevented from using it - for example killing the power to an outlet via smarthings.

Has anyone found a solution?

I’d recommend using the Smartthings integration for Kasa plugs. By eliminating the second arms length control/state check you will have a much more reliable and responsive automation experience.

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Thanks. I was hoping to use my Harmony remote to trigger a power state change on an outlet - yes I can go direct from Smarthings - but defeats the “Action” I was hoping to create with the Harmony Remote.

I use Home Assistant for many automations that require either a level of granularity I can’t achieve through standard automations.

Every state and change is a triggering event, but I understand your perspective!!

Hi, I am also trying to control Kasa Plugs through the Harmony remote. I can control them with the Kasa App or the Smartthings App but after adding Smatthings Device under Home control on the Harmony Hub/remote the devices are listed but say No connection. If a device is selected a window pops up with cannot connect to “Plug 1” Ensure bridge is properly connected. It’s powered on, and try again. I’ve reset both hubs deleted and added the smartthings as a device in the harmony app and checked that all the devices show connected when I log into my router. Any Ideas are welcome. I added the Kasa plugs and want to add new Kasa switches to replace ancient X10 plugs and switches that I can control with the Harmony remote.

I know it’s not ideal but you should be able to create a Virtual Switch and use SmartLighting to mirror the state of the VS and the Plug and use the VS in the Harmony Activity…

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Yes - that is what I ended up doing - it works - but kinda PIA Frustrated that Logitech rarely makes improvements to its platform.

Count your blessings. It’s not even available in the New App. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: I have Hubs only because of the ST integration. I’ll PO if I loose it.

What new App Logitech?

I’m also interested to know what app you’re referring to. I still have access to add Smartthings from the harmony app. I just removed it and added it trying to fix the issue. A user in the Harmony community posted he also has a problem with the Kasa plugs intermittently, not all the time. I think the programming in Smartlights is a little beyond my expertise. Thanks for the input.