Smarthings Control of Mr. Heater (80,000BTUh) - Natural Gas Garage Heater

HI all, this has probably been discussed on here before? If so, please point me to the thread if you would? I am installing a Mr. Heater (80,000BTUh) natural gas garage heater. I have Smarthings setup and was wondering the best way to be able to control this via Smarthings? The unit fuel source is natural gas. It does require 110v outlet for the circuitry and then has a simple 2-wire t-stat control (heat only). The unit does not come with a t-stat, so I need to purchase one or create a virtual t-stat with a temp sensor and some type of module to allow me to turn the unit on/off via Smarthings. This is where my knowledge is limited. What module would accomplish this?

Would this GoControl Module work to achieve what I am after, in conjunction with a separate temperature sensor?

Or, would my best bet be to just buy a z-wave thermostat? If this is the best route, any suggestions as to what t-stat to use? I would think something fairly simple is all I need as this is a heat only setup?

Here is a link to the heater:

Thanks for your assistance!!

According to the manual it requires 120V 3A so a smartplug could handle it.

You might want to consider the Insurance ramifications of having the ability to turn something like this on remotely, however. I know gas fireplaces have some regulations about stuff like that.

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Thank you for the response Mike. I hadn’t considered that aspect. Would that be considered different than a wifi t-stat that allows you to control the unit remotely? Or, would this be because we are talking about killing the power to the unit, and it would be either on or off, instead of regulated by a t-stat?

I don’t know what is acceptable in regards to Gas devices, but we were looking at fireplace inserts with remotes
earlier this year and I believe there was a restriction that the remote could only work line of sight.

I’m sure you know how insurance companies can be, if they can find a reason to disallow a claim they will.

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