Smarthings app active 2 watch error

Hi, i’ve smarthings app on my android device (phone). I’ve connected my meross garage door opener and it work ery well. I’ve install smarthings on my active 2 watch but when i launch the action (garage door open or close), i’ve an error message on the watch (can’t launch the action or something so) and it doesn’t work. Any idea ? I’ve delete and reinstall all app and set the meross garage door a new time. Nothing changes. Thanks for your help.

The watch app doesn’t seem to be as functional as the phone app (I have it on GW) For instances, I can’t control my blinds on my watch. But, if you create a scene on the phone app called ‘open garage’ which operates the opener (and another scene to close it obviously) then you should be able to trigger those scenes from the watch

Thx. Work for closing the door but impossible to set open the door, there is no option for. Only the possibility to configure a Close Door, I don’t understand…