Smarthings ADT smoke sensor without ADT hub

I’m quite new at smarthings world.
I’ve a smartthings hub v2 with some sensors.
Recently I’ve bought a ADT smoke alarm (by mistake) and couldn’t return. I don’t have ADT hub.
The question is, as it’s z-wave (or zegbee, it has both of the logos), can I use this smoke alarm with with hub?
Thanks in advance.

ADT smoke alarm is not compatible with V2 hub.

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As @Automated_House said, that device uses a proprietary protocol which only works with the SmartThings ADT hub model. Not any of the other smartthings hubs.

That said, it definitely should not have the other logos on it. Do you have a picture of them? They could appear on a box for the full kit because the hub does have Z wave and zigbee, but if it came in the individual box it should not have those logos. And they definitely should not be on the device itself.