Smarthing App is Stuck at Populating Connected Devices

so I have been having this issue recently. The new app seems stuck trying to display the settings for the hub. The “connected device” list seems stuck at being populated. Any thoughts? Thanks

That list can be particularly slow to load at times. Only things that come to mind to try: force quit and reopen the app; or clear data cache for the app if you have Android.

If it continues, report it to ST support.



Yeah, it continues. I reinstalled, rebooted and all that. I am still on Smarthing Link on nVidia Shield which I got for like $30 on sale. It works well with the Classic app. I am wondering if Samsung is hinting that they want me to upgrade. As it stands, I cannot even add new devices because I cannot force the hub to go into the pairing mode. It still works fine on the classic app, though. Thanks.