Smarthing api authorize device

Hi trying to authorize my samsung washer to be able to get minutes etc using this github script:

Using the api here:

I can’t select my device here any ideas?

And I can see my device on the device tab.

Does the browser console indicate an error? I tried to reproduce and the device list loaded as expected.

I don’t think so, I have a friend with the same washer trying to do the same here. Same for him. I also thought it could be a browser error, but i tried firefox, internet explorer, google chrome. Also on mac/windows 10. No luck.

I think that samsung needs to take a look on this bug. Or can somebody guide me how I can read status from the api via curl etc ?

curl -H ‘Authorization: Bearer {personal access token}’ -X GET{deviceId}/status

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Can I use this without device authorizations ?

And can i call this api from anywhere? I do not own a smarthings-hub.

You do not need a SmartThings hub to leverage the API. You will just need a personal access token with device scopes -

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Thank you it worked now!

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