SmartGrains Interface - Vehicle Count and Presence

(Todd Wackford) #1

Interfacing these sensors to SmartThings would be pretty cool. You could deploy two in your driveway and be able to count vehicle presence and detect direction (in/out). I’m trying to find out if they operate on Zwave or other band.

Check out

(Andrew Urman) #2


It doesn’t say what kind of sensors these are If its just for home use, then you can use your presence tag and put it in t a vehicle.

(Todd Wackford) #3

I sent an email to SmartGrains to try and find out more about the sensors. I was looking for a way to know vehicle direction of movement even when a vehicle came into or out of  driveway that did not have a presence tag. Motion detector logic/functions could not count or detect direction of movement (at least I think). So if I’m away on travel I could also see that there are a bunch of cars at my house. Oh no, kids are having a party! :slight_smile:

The logic could also be set up to do a “first car in” or “last car out” kind of thing to do locks, lights and temp with or without presence tags.

(Andrew Urman) #4

You could probably rig something up with an arduino. Have two pressure strips. The time delay between which strip was run over first would tell you the direction of the car.

(Todd Wackford) #5

Yeah… but then I’d have to do something to deal with power, environment, etc. The SmartGrain sensors are already taking care of that and last 3-5 years. They say they are good to 50 meters and automatically network, share and pass through. If they’re Z-Wave or Zigbee compatible then all we need is an interface spec and some $$'s. Hopefully only few of those.

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I could also put one in front of the mail box to know when mail truck is here. Or someone is stealing my mail :slight_smile:

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Reply from SmartGrains below. Maybe we could do a group buy. :slight_smile:

"Dear Sir,
Thank you for your interest in our solutions, but unfortunately our products target large-scale parking lots, and we only sell to businesses rather than individuals. As a result we won’t be able to help you with your project.
Best of luck with your vendor search.
Cedric Gepner
❚ Cedric Gepner  Directeur Marketing & Ventes
❚ +33 6 77 90 75 08 ❚ +33 1 83 64 74 50
❚ 14, bd Montmartre 75009 Paris

(Andrew Urman) #8

Darn :frowning:

I still think something could be made fairly easy with an Arduino. It would make for an awesome entry into the maker competition.