SmartenIT zigbee wall switch as ST Hello Home Action controller?

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Anyone using a SmartenIT zigbee wall switch to initiate a Hello
Home Action?

I know some people are using them as local controllers to toggle zigbee light switches on and off.

But I haven’t heard yet of anyone using it as a ST button controller like the Minimote–that is, using it to change the mode or turn off a group of devices that included some zwave and some zigbee. Either of these would require the ST hub to recognize the SmartenIT’s request to initiate the Hello Home Action at the hub.

I know what the code would look like: @thegibertchan has written a button controller for it. I just don’t know if it actually works for this device or if there’s a join issue like with the GE zwave remotes. :no_mouth:

I’ve been using a ST Multi for this. I’ve set it up so I can open the multi (separate the two pieces) and it triggers a virtual switch that puts the house to sleep mode. I just have the multi sitting on my nightstand. Incidentally, I also use it as a temperature sensor in the bedroom for my virtual thermostat.

I’m sure it would not be that hard to do the same thing with a button.

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Thanks–I know sensors can be used for this, I’m using an ST motion sensor myself. But some people specifically want something that looks just like a light switch for xAF reasons, and the SmartenIT does. So I’m asking about that specific device.

I’m not sure I understood your problem correctly, but if all you want is to start a “Hello Home” action when you turn a Z-Wave switch on or off, you can do it with a simple app that subscribes to switch on/off events. Or am I missing something?

It’s a form factor xAF issue. I have home health aides from an agency, which means sometimes subs who’ve never been to the house before. Many don’t know how to use a dishwasher, let alone a smartphone. English is often their 3rd or 4th language.

The SmartenIT triplex switch is aesthetically perfect for my house, plus battery operated so can be easily placed at a comfortable height for my service dog or me in the wheelchair while still being something I could point to for an aide to use.

It functions as a zigbee secondary coordinator, but I have absolutely no idea whether it would work or whether it would run into the same issues as the zwave 45631 when it comes to Hello Home Actions.

The 45631 wouldn’t work for me anyway. The buttons are too small for my service dog to work easily, and too hard to communicate to the aides. So this is one that might work for a lot of people, doesn’t work for me, and doesn’t work with ST at present:

The Hue tap has a pretty good form factor, but my understanding is that ST doesn’t recognize it for Hello Home Action controls.

The SmartenIT has a great form factor. The dog could work it, and I could put a color dot on each on to simplify telling the aides what to do.

So it’s a form factor issue. If there’s any similar switch that works with ST with a similar form factor I’d also be very interested in hearing about it.


  1. ability to trigger two to four Hello Home Actions from the same location without requiring special press patterns (no double tap, hold vs press, etc.)
  2. physically usable by the dog, so bigger is better
  3. looks like a regular wall switch
  4. ideally is battery operated and requires no wiring, but that’s a plus, not a requirement

I’m aware of two possibilities:

the Cooper Industries zwave aspire, which comes in singletons but could be placed side by side

The SmartenIT zigbee triplex, which would be perfect, I just don’t know if it works with ST for Hello Home Actions. Seriously, take a look at it and consider the form factor. Nice! :sunglasses:

Yeah, that GE scene controller has the same issue as 45600/01, but ENERWAVE ZWN-SC7
does work as a button controller with ST. Sure, the buttons are not as big as SmartenIT, but slightly bigger than GE’s. And there’re seven of them.

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Glad to hear the Enerwave is working.

Wouldn’t work for me, unfortunately. My service dog is brilliant, but even so he’s not going to be able to select the right button from that format. He knows Right and Left and does do some triplex rocker switches now, but a grid format isn’t really usable for us.

I work a lot of switches with my elbow, also, so I run into the same physical issues as the dog. Big rocker switches are the best. Packed grid control buttons can be really challenging. :confused:

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Ok, another idea. How about this?

I’m pretty sure it can be turned into a two-button scene controller with custom device handler. In, fact Any Z-Way switch or dimmer with neutral (one that can operate without a load) can. Of course, you’d have install a dual- or triple-gang box to mount them on the wall.

Just a quick update: @JohnR has a device handler for the SmartenIT, but he hasn’t defined it as a button controller, he’s defined it as 3 contact sensors. Which could work really well, since ST does accept push messages from sensors already. (I actually have one ST motion sensor working to trigger a Hello Home Action now, but it’s not easy to put two side by side without triggering both. So again, the SmartenIT may win on form factor.)

Anyway, that was encouraging enough, once I understood what he was suggesting, that I’ve gone ahead and ordered one with the intention of setting it up using his contact sensor device type.

I’ll post after I’ve tried it and see if works for the use case I have in mind.

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Hooray! Device finally arrived today. (Long story, my fault.) Form factor is perfect for tabletop push button or wall mount. Tested with service dog, he can definitely work it easily (I can hear the click when he presses it.) have to see how precise he can be with the 3 tabs, they’re a little close together. This would also be really easy to mount on my wheelchair. Also good for nightstand as there is enough of a separation to feel in the dark so you hit the correct switch.

I have to wait until my techie aide is here to test the device type, but so far this is very cool.

Here is a picture next to the TV remote so you can see the tabletop form factor.

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Just an update…

It works! Using @thegilbertchan 's smart device type based on the work of @JohnR. I will write out a full step by step FAQ later, because it was a little tricky. But I have button 1 set to trigger a Hello Home Action, button 2 set to change a mode, and button 3 set to toggle a light on and off and everything works great.

Thanks again to everyone, including @sjansen who verified his was working and found the Configure step required for binding (a zigbee thing).