SmartenIT ZBWS3 [2014]

That’s very helpful, thanks!

It may be a sleeping device issue, that the switch was asleep when the configure came by. I will have my friend try the configure again while tapping the switch and see if we can catch it that way.

Thanks again. :blush:

It works! It took three days and two network engineers, but it totally works! A zigbee 3 button controller (using Gibert Chan’s custom device type). Change mode, initiate a Hello Home Action, toggle a light switch. Should have excellent xAF. Good for wall switch or tabletop. And my service dog can at least hit one toggle, we’ll have to see if he can distinguish the left and right (I don’t expect him to get the middle.)

Thanks to everyone, but especially @JohnR @sjansen and @thegibertchan

I’ve written the whole install procedure up as a FAQ, but meanwhile, yes, Virginia, there is a tabletop or wall mount battery operated 3 button toggle controller with a very light-switch like look and feel.