SmartDSC worked for any one?

(Coolcatiger) #1

I was trying SmartDSC but can not get it to work. Has any one tried it and made it work?

(Dave N) #2

I tried for a bit but got lost in the setup trying to figure out how the node.js was implemented. Waiting for some smarter person to beat their brain on a comprehensive Windows how-to. I wanted to use this fork
did the alarm/disarm and the original didn’t do that. Sadly I have been out of the server/programming game for over a decade which is like a gazillion years in IT.

(Coolcatiger) #3

I got node js alarm server running , if you need help with that let me know. my issue is the authorizing st devices - it is failing …

(Dave N) #4

Maybe I’ll take you up on that in some PM’s next week; I have some free time then as I’m on holidays. :smile: