SmartDevice Type Tiles not updated?

I am struggling with the tiles in my device type. After adding or removing tiles, those changes are not reflected on the details page of the device. Even when I delete the device and create a new device based on the updated device type.

If I create a new device type and copy the source to the new device type and create a new device based on this device type, the tiles are shown correctly.

Any idea what I am doing wrong?

You have to log out, then force-kill and restart mobile app.

Instead of logging out on your mobile device, exit the app, kill it, start it, exit it, kill it and start it again. For some reason, it takes 2 kills to get the new app UI loaded - it seems to be cached somewhere.

Which is odd, since the app code itself is running as soon as you publish your update…I guess the UI isn’t redrawn except on (the 2nd) entrance into the app again…

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Thanks @geko that worked for me.