SmartCam SNH-P6410BN No Event Pictures

Hi! I have had a Samsung SmartCam (SNH-P6410BN) for a number of years, working perfectly. On January 16th, events stopped posting pictures to my Google Photos. I still get video events recording on the SD card, but no picture events. This has happened in years past and photos just started appearing again without any changes on my part, but now it is happening again. I have been 7 days without photo events and no sign of the pictures returning yet. Anyone else experiencing this? TIA, Karen

I also have the same problem… Is there any solution or this is about with google… In my opinion it looks like google do not want to give permission to access google photos by smartcam…

Same issue here. No luck finding a fix.

Spoke with support. It’s a known issue and they are working on a fix.

This is good news!

One and half month passed after last message nothing is changed…