SmartCam HD won't reconnect after turning off on Goodbye

SmartCam HD is set to turn off on GOODBYE (“turn off these lights or switches”) and turn back on on I’M BACK. This had been working fine until recently.

Now, on I’M BACK, the camera will not reconnect anymore (error code 21). I have to do my little hack (change the resoultion) to bring it back online – not ideal.

Suggestions how I can keep the camera off when home, other than dropping a towel over it?

I plug the camera into a smart outlet to power it off and on when I leave or go to sleep.

Turning the camera off via ST was only turning it off in ST - I was still able to live stream in the Samsung app. I have not had any issues cutting the power. Of course video is not available for a few minutes while the camera connects

I’ll order a ST outlet, try that, and report back.