SmartCam HD to SmartThings Hub v2

(Rafael) #1

I searched the thread and could not find a similar issue.

I have a ST hub V2 with a smartcam HD. The issue that has happened twice inside of 3 days is that the android app will not connect to the camera feed. The only message I see is “camera unavailable” and “connecting” but no video. I have no routines or modes that explicitly turn the camera off when I leave. should I do this? Both times the only solution was to hard reboot the camera.

Also, when adding the camera to a room/group it has deleted the room/group. Anyone else experience something like this?

Things I have tried -

  • Waited a few minutes with no success in connecting to the feed
  • Reboot camera via button app
  • Emailed support (awaiting answer)
  • Confirmed the camera light is green
  • Checked the log via the web interface but could not find a tell-tale error

I have not confirmed that the camera was streaming via the camera interface because I forgot and rebooted the camera before checking the browser stream.

(Greg) #2

I assume you meant turn on? If you turn the camera off via the switch capability the stream will not work in ST, but it will work in the native techwin app. So if you do ever turn the camera “off” by calling it a switch in ST just make sure you turn it on.

I was turning the camera off when home and on when away through routines until I realized it was still actually recording. Now I use a smart switch to power down the camera when home and on when away. It works well for me.

(Rafael) #3

Hi o Greg! Thanks for responding.

Actually, I want the camera on all the time as the wife likes to look at the baby while at work. I like your idea of putting the camera on a smart outlet but I am disappointed if that is the only way.