Smartcam HD Pro - is it possible to keep it connected?

Got SmartThings + a Samsung Smartcam pro - beautiful setup, all functionality works over wifi. But it breaks my heart in that within a day, maybe 2 max, the light turns and stays blue and the cam is disconnected from the world until it or the router are restarted.

Support suggested I put it on the DMZ to see if my router was a factor. Have yet to complete a long term test like this; but it cuts the cam off from ‘smart things’ and preculdes using several.

Any hints to this? Any diagnostic I can draw from the camera in some way to see what it’s trying to do when the light goes blue, that may give a hint? It’s odd that the router could be a factor, in that you can do a lap of full functionality (tripping/recording from smart things, operating from the Samsung IOS app, etc… . . but then it just fails at some other point).

Any thoughts appreciated.