SmartCam HD Pro - how to record based on events?

This question isn’t really about SmartThings integration, but about the camera configuration itself. If anyone knows of a more appropriate forum please let me know.

I have the iOS app, the camera, firmware 1.08, and no SD card. I swear when I first set up the camera last week it would record video to the cloud when there was a motion event. Like many people I got annoyed with the constant barrage of motion event alerts and the inability to set the frequency of the alerts, so I turned them off. This stopped both the alerting and the recording. Now I can’t figure out how to turn the recording back on. Any suggestions? I can see it for recording to SD, but not for recording to the cloud.


Thanks Robin.

Are you suggesting that I use the Blue Iris software with this SmartCam HD
Pro? If so that sounds interesting. Do you have this camera and are you
doing this? On the Blue Iris web site I saw the camera listed as
compatible: “Samsung SNH-P6410BN MJPEG” but I’m wondering if that
compatibility claim may be out of date as several customer comments on
Amazon say that the camera can no longer stream locally after a firmware
"upgrade". But if it works for you then I’m sold!


I got Blue Iris and tried it with my Samsung camera and it actually works! I’m really rather surprised. My camera is on the latest 1.08 firmware. In Blue Iris it is configured as SNH-P6410BN RTSP. I can get basically all of the features to work, including two-way audio.

I really like Blue Iris so far. I have a lot to learn about profiles and integration with ST, though.

I have several old iPhones and I’m starting to install the Blue Iris software on them so I can set them up as indoor security cameras. :slight_smile:

Anyone have recommendations on IP cameras? I probably need some PoE and some WiFi for my various locations.

Thanks for your great suggestions.