Smartcam HD Pro feature support


(Shelley Powers) #35

Yes, because when you get the clip, you get the 15 seconds of the video before the action that generated the motion alert. And the upload is extensive if you leave it on.

(Shelley Powers) #36

Actually, from what I can see, it does. If it’s active, it’s constantly uploading. From my understanding, the video clip that’s generated also includes the 15 seconds of video prior to the motion, which means you have to be constantly buffering the video.

That’s what my upload bandwidth demonstrates.

(Shelley Powers) #37

How does the intelligent buffering work? If that’s not streamed to the cloud, is that locally stored on the Hub?

And why do I have such a high upload bandwidth for the SmartCam when I leave it active? I’m not looking at the stream, and I have my system configured so that the motion sensor only activates at night or when we’re away.

I’ll turn it on, see how it does for the next 24 hours.

(Brice; #38

On a related note, I’ve been curious about the “switch” capability on the camera. If I switch the camera off, what does that actually do? The camera shows “inactive” on the device page, but the green light on the camera is still on and I can still pull up the camera stream, so its not clear what its actually doing.

(Tracy) #39

I have no idea, but is it maybe streaming for the native phone app and not smartthings? Do you know the traffic is going to ST?

(Jack Chi) #40

Smart Home Monitor is able to retrieve clips 15/30/60 seconds before the Incident. This is because when the camera is on (switch:on), SmartThings HubV2 stores clips locally in a circular buffer. Camera does not constantly stream to the cloud.

After Wiresharking the network traffic, when the camera is ACTIVE, if you didn’t press the “play” button, there will not be any outbound traffic. If you need my personal assistance feel free to e-mail me at

Good point. Currently when it is INACTIVE, the Hub will not be storing any circular buffer clips. In the future, we plan to issue a command to the camera’s LED to turn that off to give a better indication that is actually OFF.

All very good feedbacks. Thank you!

(Jack Chi) #41

:calling: Yup that’s coming very soon! Look for it with the 2.0.4 release. :watch:

Good point! Our product team hasn’t discussed this quite yet but I’ve ordered 10 micro-SD cards and started playing around with the APIs. :racehorse:

(Jack Chi) #42

IAmA: Software Engineer @ SmartThings

Since my badge says “staff”, I thought I’d do a IAmA here - I’m working on the SmartCam HD Pro Device Type and would love all your feedbacks!

(Shelley Powers) #43

Yes,I’m using a Google OnHub (router), and it tracks down and up bandwidth for each individual device to the internet.

Update: And per recent answer from Jack, I now know the OnHub is tracking the upload bandwidth between ST Hub and camera.

Now all the readings for my OnHub make sense.

(Shelley Powers) #44

Great photo!

Always happy to whin…give feedback.

Do you think the issue might be the Samsung SmartCam app? I don’t use it at all, except when I first set up the Smartcam. I really prefer the ST app, which is the only one that allows me to inactivate the camera.

When I do, then the bandwidth upload goes idle in OnHub. But when I don’t, I get 332 MB upload in last hour. And that’s without looking at anything, or any alerts happening.

Is the uploading only going to the ST Hub, and my OnHub router is reading it wrong?

Update: I missed the earlier message from you, where you answered my question before I asked it. Sorry.

(Shelley Powers) #45

So what’s happening with OnHub is that it’s reading the traffic to the Hub from the camera. OK, that makes sense. It’s unlike my Dropcam, which is actually streaming the video to the cloud.

Well, then, thank you for the correction. I feel much better about using the camera now that I have a better idea of what exactly is happening.

Now if only the SmartCam wouldn’t blow out details when you point it outside on a sunny day, it would be perfect.


Very interesting! That makes sense as the camera is constantly streaming to the hub across your local network. That’s how we can pull video from before an “incident” occurs.

(Shelley Powers) #47

It is kind of cool to see the communication not only from OnHub to the internet but between the devices.

I wasn’t being observant enough, because you can see from the readings that’s what is happening.

I took a screenshot, and you can see how the device to the internet bandwidth doesn’t incorporate the communication between camera and hub.

Like I said, my bad for not being more observant.

(Walter Edwards) #48

Very nice thread. Thanks for all the info. Now I will set up my HD smart cam that was setting on the table. Thanks all for the info!!! :wink:

(Shelley Powers) #49

Correctly documented

(Tracy) #50

That does make sense :smile:
Glad you got it figured out


Shelley I have been following this thread with great interest and just read your writeup on the blog. First thank you, it helps calm some of the concern around the camera/app using huge amounts of data. Based on your write up it appears you are using the ST hub and camera as I would like, that is as a security system. My concern is however that if motion can only be integrated into the camera via an independent motion sensor, it severely limits the ability to detect motion OUTSIDE the home, as the threads seems to indicate outdoor motion sensors are filled with false alarms. Though it based on @jackchi Jackchi’s comments, this may be changing as the camera’s motion may be integrated into the ST hub to trigger an alert. This would be a huge win.

Assuming that pans out, being completely new to ST and camera etc. Can the camera be positioned to look outside a window, pointing at a front door for example, with motion setup to detect movement and actually work? I ask because movement inside the house is one thing, but if someone is casing the house or approaching my front door trying to pry it open, this would be the point at which I would want to be notified/alerted.

Being altered after the someone is inside the house, while still beneficial, diminishes the value of a security system, for mer anyways. The damage has already been done, the response time to get the police their becomes critical and most likely they are going to be leaving with something of value.

Ideally I would want cameras both inside and out, But have read your critique of how the resolution stinks, if one is planning and having it positioned outside a window. Does Dropcam do any better is this regard? Does an outdoor rated camera exist that can be integrated into ST at this point.

Iam all ears @jackchi or @Shelley_Powers for suggestions or an opinion on this.

(Brice; #52

None yet that I know of, but there is an outdoor camera in the SmartCam HD line that I’m hoping will be integrated -

(Robert Robinson) #53

The D-Link HD Outdoor Wi-Fi Camera DCS-2330L is supported…

(Brice; #54

Oh really? It works with Smart Home Monitor?