Smartcam HD Pro feature support

I agree that frustration/anger shouldn’t be directed at anyone with SmartThings - it’s on the parent company to get this right. I think it’s ridiculous that Smartcam motion-detection alerts aren’t integrated within the SmartThings app, and my first cynical thought was that it’s not there because Samsung doesn’t want to cannibalize the sales of the motion sensor - so I’m satisfied with knowing that the feature will be coming eventually.

I’m grateful that the SmartThings developers engage directly with the community - it’s the main reason that I’m willing to put up with some of the quirks. It’s got to be a thankless job working on a platform that’s trying to integrate multiple competing standards that are all continuously changing. I understand that this issue can’t be a top concern in the context of everything else that the platform has to adjust to, but it’s an important feature for those of us who do have the camera so I hope it’ll be addressed at some point this year.

I have figured out an interim way (until the camera motion sensor cability is defined in ST platform) to connect your camera motion sensor to your light switch.

The way is use of " IFTTT " ! :wink:

All wht you need to do is configure the alerts/events in the smartcam native app to be received by e-mail, and then you can configure IFTTT to use the recepit of the e-mail as the trigger.

@johnconstantelo you might be interested in this solution

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Good.luck with that… the sensitive sucks.I would get 1000 notifications a day. Even on.lowest serting

Ed, did you get an answer or solution to your camera problem? I’m getting the same error on my d-link camera and then a CODEC_PARAMETERS_NOT_FOUND error.

I did finally get mine working. I removed it entirely from ST and added it back in and voila! It worked. I have not had any issues since.

I’m curious if this could get motion sensing working for this camera:

So, on the “unknown error code1” item, I have reset the two cameras twice but no luck yet. any idea how to solve this? what’s weird is I bought 3 cameras, first works perfectly, next two have same error but no issues setting up. video through smart things just the error

Hi all.

Can someone please tell me if it’s possible to “software” deactivate these cameras??.

I was sure I read in these forums that people were able to “turn off” the camera through smart things. This feature is no where in the native Samsung app.

Thanks in advance

Well damn. Looks like I’ve been duped like many of you :frowning: I naively thought that buying a samsung camera for $190 that was supported by smartthings would let me use the features of the camera through smartthings.

Am I missing something, or is the only thing I can do in smartthings is view the camera feed? No triggers, no apps, no motion detection, nothing? I don’t understand the point of it’s integration with smartthings if all it does is show me the feed, which I can get in the samsung app.

I must be missing something… I’m happy with smartthings, but I might have to return this camera - I was grossly mislead into its purchase.

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The integration with SmartThings isn’t for control of the camera, it’s for the ability to record video clips to the cloud when Smart Home Monitor goes off. Anything past that should be done in the Samsung native app. The D-Link supported cameras have community devicetypes that give more functionality but I believe Samsung hasn’t opened their API for this type of integration.

Well, I understand that now. But that just makes me feel like I have a really handicapped expensive camera acting as a really cheap webcam without the features that the camera is actually capable of.

The camera “support” as it is, is completely unnecessary. See, if you’re required to use an additional motion sensor anyways, you may as well just set up a notification saying “Blah blah motion detected, go open the other app to check your camera” and buy whatever camera you want that’s cheaper or better suits your needs rather than even bothering with the smartcam.

I’d really like an official statement from SmartThings about motion detection support on this camera. If you look at this thread, in Oct 2015 Jackchi from the SmartThings staff told everyone that this was done and would be in the next release (2.0.4). He later said that it missed the release, but would be in the next one. I relied on this and bought the camera (without a separate motion detector) and have been waiting every since.


Maybe @jackchi can comment on this capability…

There’s a lot of things that should be doable with the camera within SmartThings:

  • utilize motion sensor
  • utilize 2 way radio
  • zoom in/out
  • ability to power down the camera via schedules or routines (not turn of the feed in SmartThings and remian on in the Samsung app)
  • the ability to take a snap shot or record at will within the app (also being able to record to the local storage

Can we get these considers


I’ve been trying to read throughout this long thread, but from what I understood is that SmartThings Staff @jackchi is stating since last year that the SmartCam HD Pro integration will be “comming soon” to ST but really the only integration I see is the hability to see the feed and reboot the camera.

Is there any specific deadline estimated to the release of any improvement on the integration? Any non-official SmartApp you know about that can be used?

Any other suggestions from the community or ST Staff would be welcomed.


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kudos to that…

The motion sensor detection has been tabled until further notice. Currently if we enable motion tracking, we would also enable the motion notification in the official Samsung SmartCam application.

Our Product Manager @ndasu could give you more of an insight into our product pipelines.


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[quote=“jackchi, post:197, topic:24026, full:true”]
The motion sensor detection has been tabled until further notice. Currently if we enable motion tracking, we would also enable the motion notification in the official Samsung SmartCam application.

Our Product Manager @ndasu could give you more of an insight into our product pipelines.

[/quote]I guess I would say, “So what?” That is only a problem if you have the official Samsung app installed. I do, but only because SmartThings won’t do motion detection. And in any case, on both iOS and Android, you can control notifications so even if you have the official app installed, you can just suppress notifications.

Please release this feature.

not to mention how about release a device driver so we can use the camera for snapshots etc or video Without having to pay for your monitoring services. I just want a basic device type that I can have take a series of snapshots or short 1 minute video on various occurances… there is no support for your own camera when we can do this with 3rd party cameras.

I agree. Please release it.