SmartCam HD Plus Not Working

Cheery Hello!

I bought a smartcam hd plus about a year or two ago and forgot I had it until today!

I have Samsung 7 … bought three years ago. It was connected to my wifi and I went through the steps to connect to the SmartCam HD Plus monitoring camera and it got stuck the same place each time. At the registration point the camera was not being discovered. The suggestion of turn on location service on the android was not applicable since it was on. The second suggestion was turn on smartcam app permission. Since the app was not usable until I was able to connect the camera, that suggestion would not work. The next suggestion made was to go to advanced wifi and stop and disable the smart switch. The disable button was not available. I could forcestop that switch but a notice was stated informing me of harm if I choose that option. Then they wanted me to disable the wifi auto connection. The comment was made to assure no apps were running that would interfere with wifi connection. Are my ring devises causing an issue?

Hi @caroleindfw, Are you trying to set this up so you can connect it to your SmartThings hub?

Based upon your question, I don’t think so. There may be someone in the SmartThings community that can help, but have you tried calling Samsung Support?

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Apparently smarthings has ditched support for smartcams (which really pissed me off considering I bought 8 of the things just because they integrated into smartthings)… I use to be able to set them up to but now the option is gone! Idk what Samsung is going but they are fu**ing up big time.