Smartapps missing

Hi, when i try to add smartapp there are only two available: clothing care and cooking.
What they messed up again?
No smartapps anymore?
I have few added with old app now what? when I delete let’s say smart lighting I won’t be able to add it again?

Also ping time is very high like 2 weeks old, looks like they turned off pings?

First of all which country is your Samsung account registered to?

Second, what ping time are you talking about? The Hub does not support ICMP Ping.

Well which country depends who I talk to, Smartthings support insists my account is US based, but on Samsung account profile I see my account based in Germany. This happened probably two years ago after travel WITHOUT any Samsung device to Europe. Probably during migration to new app Samrtthings app marked my Samsung account as German because of travel and using old or new Smartthings app in Germany. However smartapps availability was not affected until this year. Samsung account for sure was created in US. I just created another one and says US account in profile.

Of course hub supports pings, ridiculous 1 month ping time. You can check yourself in IDE. Go to Hub->Utlities and press Ping Hub

as for Ping, many users have reported it stopped working around March 4, 2021. here is one post but there are many others of late.

In regards to the missing apps, i am curious about one thing. if you go to menu > devices … is your hub listed?

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Smart Lighting ang SmartTings Home Monitor should be available anyhow.

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The ping functionality in the IDE was deprecated March 4. Any hubs active and online at that time will report a last ping of 2021-03-04. Hubs added after that date will not have a ping value.

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