Smartapps confusion

I truly like the SmartThings idea, however, there is a lot to be desired as far as documentation is concerned. I am trying to get my garage door automated via Alexa or Google Assistant. I understand and have a routine to turn on the Leviton outlet which in turn, turns on a relay connected to my garage. The issue is that I need that relay to turn off after 3 seconds. There is a nifty program that I found in the SmartThings IDE that does that. Problem solved? No, apparently, I am unable to use the smartapp via voice or routine. I have to open the SmartThings app, go to automation, and press the smartapp start button. This turns on the power, my garage starts opening and then 3 seconds later cuts the power. Garage finishes. I need the final say before taking this hub back to Best Buy. Can I link a smartapp to a routine so that I can use my voice? If so, please point me in the right direction. I have run out of Google search options. Thank you.

Hi there and welcome to smart things.

I can recommend a very good app that will do everything you want using voice control.
It’s called EchoSistant and is an integration of ST and Alexa.

Take a look here…


It could be very confusing at first to find your way around the “dark side” of Smartthings. The best part, is that it gets better once you understand the ins and outs. And before you know it, you become a pro with 100+ devices. I am telling you, this hobby is that addictive. :smile: It really depends on your spare time if you become addicted or very frustrated.

There are many ways to use a relay with Alexa. What relay are you using? Do you have a contact sensor on your garage to know if the door is open or closed? You don’t need to use the outlet to trigger the relay.

Give us more details about your devices and I am sure you will receive many good tops on how to do it.


I do not have a contact sensor. I plan on adding it later. I wanted something practical and useful to determine whether I would pursue automation. I have a Levitron outlet. It’s the only device I have so far. I did figure out how to fire the smartapp. I had to use ifttt. Couldn’t get it to work any other way. The relay isn’t smart. Just a RIB U1C.

I’ve been requesting a timer function for Routines since launch. It’s well past due.