SmartApp Visulization UI

Is there currently or plans perhaps to allow custom UI for a SmartApp?

For example if I made a virtual thermostat application I could show what the application is actually doing in the background. Or say I had a pump monitoring SmartApp like @tslagle13’s Sump Pump app I could show a pump graphic with a running status and perhaps a level alarm too.

Just a way to group things that are tied into the SmartApp along with any variables the developer wants to show the user to let them know what’s going on.

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You could probably already do this with an external website using oauth.

That doesn’t sound like fun. :wink:

That’s what drives SmartTiles. Different people have different definition of fun.


Yea I kinda knew that going into this discussion. I guess I was more wondering if ST planned to implement a WYSIWYG solution to show SmartApp values. I’m writing an app that has some internal variables that I’d love to show to the user so they could know what’s going on.

It has been mentioned in the Developer Call(s) that ST is working on ways to incorporate HTML5 user interface elements into the mobile app and/or web portals.

SmartTiles is a pretty good example of what can be done from an external API connection already.

I don’t know what ST’s long term strategy is with respect to UIs… Particularly: Do they plan for the Mobile App to be central to a portal strategy, or will multiple views of your environment from any number of paths be encouraged.

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Ok, I guess I could probably figure out OAuth eventually it would just be so neat to just throw some visualization together real quick like a device type is built, tiles would be enough for me. (Here’s my two inputs, and my output)

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Sorry, first thing that popped in my head as I read this.

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Yes. During the developer sessions ST has mentioned a few times that the UI is going to be overhauled and that SmartApp interfaces will be extensible with HTML/CSS. Nothing concrete at this point, but it has been said to be in the works.